Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Christopher Ricci, Ph.D.
NC License #3699
NY License #015579

NPI #1770721847
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About Dr. Ricci

Christopher Ricci, PhD is a clinical psychologist focused on supporting children, adolescents and their families in individual, family and group therapy. Working within diverse contexts from public and private schools to inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities with students from elementary school through college. Dr. Ricci has been helping develop and implement mental health services since 1997 in the NY metropolitan and San Francisco Bay area, before settling in Raleigh in January, 2009.

  • Dr. Ricci uses specific cognitive, behavioral and systems based interventions; he provides therapeutic services to individuals, families and groups. Positive psychology and using mindfulness in support of social and emotional development are particular interests. For over 10 years he has provided social skill groups with children ages 5-13.

  • Dr. Ricci offers interactive workshops to parents and students including topics related to positive parenting and communication skills, child development, developing healthy relationships, social and emotional intelligence, media violence, stress management, developing happiness, mindfulness and many others. 


  • Dr. Ricci consulted with the NYC Board of Education in Elementary, Middle and High Schools providing workshops, diagnostic support and supervision.

  • Dr. Ricci's experience includes:
               -Private Practice in Bedford Hills, NY and NYC
               -The Infant and Child Learning Center, SUNY Downstate
               -The Federal Initiatives
                   -Safe Schools Health Students
                   -Project Liberty
               -The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services
               -Four Winds Hospital


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