Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Christopher Ricci, Ph.D.
NC License #3699
NY License #015579

NPI #1770721847
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About the Practice

I use a strength-based psychological model and focus on the positive aspects of children, adolescents and their families. I am committed to understanding each client’s unique situation with sensitivity. My goal is always to align with my client toward the resolution of conflict and to bring about happiness through the specific changes that come with new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

During an initial evaluation we will explore psychological, familial, educational and environmental factors that may be contributing to current distress. Typically completed over the course of two visits, the evaluation includes a detailed history. Developmental and psychological tests may be used or referred to explore clients’ cognitive, language and motor abilities, academic skills, or specific aspects of their development and behavior.  

At the end of the evaluation we will discuss treatment options. I provide comprehensive treatment that may include behavior management, consultation about school placement, medical interventions and other related services or further testing as needed. Problems such as ADHD, Autism and depression have complex effects requiring time and care as well as multi-modal and collaborative approaches. I will work with you, your pediatrician other medical providers, your school and other therapists to coordinate care, academic recommendations, community services, and interventions at home. 

Appointments are regularly scheduled for therapy, to monitor overall development, and for guidance in coordinating care for the client’s evolving needs.

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