Child and Adolescent Psychologist

Christopher Ricci, Ph.D.
NC License #3699
NY License #015579

NPI #1770721847
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Services Offered

My psychological services are strength-based, solution focused and geared to help kids and families feel better. Whether looking for education, to alleviate stressful feelings or overcome difficult situations, I am dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals.

Child, Adolescent, Family and Group Therapy

Areas I Specialize In:
•   ADHD
•   Autistic spectrum
•   Depression and Anxiety
•   Behavior problems
•   Low self-esteem
•   Poor academic performance
•   Adjusting to divorce and separation

Social Skills Groups for Boys and Girls (ages 5-13)

Is a social skills group the right program for your child?

Does your child struggle with making or keeping friends, shyness, understanding their own and others’ emotions? Do they tend to play alone or unsuccessfully when around other kids? Are they more likely to act out difficult feelings instead of expressing them with words? These are just a few of the areas that our program can help your child overcome.

What benefits can you expect?

As children develop the concrete skills taught in our program, they will also develop confidence and self-esteem that will lead to making and keeping friendships, as well as more healthy and positive relationships with those already in their lives.

Parents learn how to create an environment that promotes social skills acquisition, healthy development, and the ultimate goal, your child’s and family’s happiness.

How do you get involved?

Call or email us to schedule an initial interview in order to assess underlying factors contributing to you child’s developing needs and the best approach to support your child’s  success.

We incorporate:

➢   Interventions based on the latest research for Social Skills Development

➢   Group topics conducted by Dr. Ricci include:
•   Developing coping skills
•   Healthy manners
•   Classroom survival skills
•   Making and keeping friends
•   Dealing with anger
•   Understanding feelings & emotions
•   Overcoming fears and shyness
•   Building self-esteem
•   Positive communication
•   Bullying prevention
•   Solving problems
•   Positive thinking
•   Setting & achieving goals

➢   Understanding how feelings, thoughts, and behaviors interact and impact relationships.

➢   A weekly home goal sheet that provides feedback to parents and activities for children to practice so that new skills are transferred to everyday settings.

➢  Whitney Bennett, school counselor, leads groups with Dr. Ricci. Ms. Bennett is a school counselor in the Wake County Public School System.  She earned her B.A. in psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill in May of 1999, and her Masters of Science in Counseling Education degree from East Carolina University in December of 2000. In 2007, she earned her National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards Certificate for School Counseling (Early Childhood through Young Adulthood). She worked in Pitt County Public Schools for 4 years. She moved to Raleigh in June of 2004, and have worked at York Elementary since. She has experience working with students in large and small groups. She has worked with topics such as social skills, anger management, self-esteem, study/organizational skills, and self-control (among others). 

Program Details
Day: Wednesday evenings
Time: 5-8 year-olds from 5:00–5:45 pm
9-12 year-olds from 6:00–6:45 pm

 Boys Support Group (ages 13-17)

Sample Topics Include:
Understanding development                   Healthy relationships
Developing coping skills                         Setting & achieving goals
Dealing with anger                                Positive thinking

Program Details
Day:  Tuesday evenings
High School Boys from 6:15–7:00 pm

Workshops for Parent and Student

Workshops can be presented in schools or at Parent Associations, are 2 hours in duration, include an interactive presentation, time for questions and are accompanied by parent or student materials.

Topics Include:
•   Healthy communication skills
•   Parenting a child with ADHD
•   Teach them social skills and develop their self-esteem
•   Building positive relationships with your child’s school and your child
•   Positive parenting skills and discipline strategies
•   Understanding child development
•   Improving your media literacy
•   Coping with holiday stress
•   Successful single parenting
•   How to talk with your teens about drug use
•   Taking the fear out of talking to your child about sex
•   The power of the media for students
•   Stress Management for parents or students
•   The science and art of happiness for students

Parent Workshop Series:
•   Communicating successfully with your child (2 sessions)
•   Positive parenting and discipline skills (2 sessions)
•   Connecting with your developing child (4 sessions)
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